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FCI and IDC launch KACI HELP AI to track Emergencies, Travels, Climate change, Alerts, and Engage the Government

In a world where environmental consciousness is more crucial than ever, Kaci becomes an embodiment of hope. Adeoye Temitope, the visionary founder of FactCheck Initiative and IDC Platforms, which are behind Kaci, is excited to unveil the new automated and AI assistant to address one of our most pressing concerns: our carbon footprint, and also enhance the way we stay updated and manage emergency situations.

“The rise of misleading news fueled by cutting-edge technologies, combined with recurring insecurity and the impact of climate change, exacerbates threats to people’s well-being, while limited access to government agencies, information, and accountability compounds these challenges, prompting the launch of the Kaci Help mobile app to assist in mitigating them, which is now available to download on the Apple and Google Play stores,” says Adeoye Temitope.

Kaci, with its multifaceted capabilities, serves as your digital ally, offering a plethora of features that cater to the needs of individuals in our ever-evolving world. According to Adeoye, “Kaci is not just an AI-App; it’s a companion that ensures you’re never out of the loop and always within reach of help when you need it the most, and it’s available in 11 languages, which are: English, Pidgin, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Fula, French, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese.”

The Kaci AI-App boasts an array of remarkable features that set it apart as the go-to platform for obtaining, sharing, and following updates. Here are some of Kaci’s standout capabilities mentioned by Temitope:

Climate Feature: Take control of your carbon footprint with Kaci’s Climate feature. Discover quick actions to calculate and reduce your CO2 emissions, empowering you to lead a more sustainable lifestyle and make a positive impact on the environment.

TravelSafe Feature: Enjoy worry-free journeys with Kaci’s TravelSafe feature. By checking in with your travel details, Kaci keeps tabs on your journey, ensuring your safe arrival at your destination. In the event you forget to check out at the designated time or happen to be in an emergency, Kaci automatically alerts your guardians via SMS, WhatsApp, and Email, with the link to the complete details and tracking information to ensure your well-being and safety. NO MORE ONE CHANCE WITH NO TRACE!

Ambulance Feature: The importance of health cannot be overstated, and Kaci’s Ambulance feature is here to help. With just one click, users can request an ambulance or other emergency medical services whenever necessary, providing peace of mind in critical situations.

Emergency Feature: In times of crisis, activate Kaci’s emergency feature by tapping the red SOS button. This comprehensive tool allows users to choose their location, type or auto-fetch the address using Google Maps, select the target agency, add comments, and even use the Recording with Uploading Features. Your safety is our top concern, and Kaci ensures that SOS alerts with the link to the complete details and tracking information are sent promptly to your guardians via SMS, WhatsApp, and Email, while simultaneously notifying the chosen target agency.

Alerts and Messages Feature: With Kaci’s Alerts feature, you’ll never miss out on important updates again. Stay connected and up-to-date with timely notification messages about the latest news and essential information.

InfoBank Feature: Stay informed and prepared with Kaci’s InfoBank. Access essential information about your country, including emergency contact lines, agencies’ and NGOs’ contact information, and other crucial details. Kaci ensures that you have the necessary information at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Feedback Feature: Your input matters. Use Kaci’s Feedback feature to share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions about the app itself. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us improve and provide you with the best user experience possible.

iReport Feature: Raise your voice with Kaci’s iReport feature. Whether you have a complaint, a request for government attention, or want to address domestic issues or neighborhood pollution, Kaci provides you with the platform to share tips with Map stamp, matters, and observations, enabling you to be a part of the change.

Suggestion Feature: Express your opinions fearlessly with Kaci’s Suggestion feature. Share your thoughts on government and institutions without hesitation, as long as your contributions align with our guidelines and usage policy. Kaci offers a safe space for constructive dialogue.

In response to inquiries about Kaci’s partnership initiatives, Temitope expressed FCI’s openness to to collaborate with governments and agencies, offering its advanced AI capabilities to combat the alarming surge in misinformation, ongoing security threats, and the adverse impacts of climate change. Through innovative features like Project Tracking, Emergency Response, Public Awareness campaigns, and Suggestion Collection initiatives, Kaci is poised to safeguard people’s well-being by providing real-time solutions to these critical issues.

Adeoye affirmed trust in Kaci’s user-centric design and effectiveness in solving real-life difficulties when asked about user acceptance challenges. He emphasised Kaci’s dedication to continual improvement via user feedback, emphasising engagement, clear communication, and practical benefits. This approach assures that Kaci is ready to overcome acceptance barriers while attempting to provide users with a vital experience.

According to Temitope, we will be releasing additional live and community features shortly, but the Kaci Help mobile app is now available on both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store and can be downloaded to unlock a world of information, safety, and communication.

When asked how long it took to develop Kaci Help AI, Temitope responded that it began fully in the year 2020 and that it took so long because we wanted to get it right by developing a tailored fit solution and also releasing at the appropriate moment. Prior to the 2020 date, we conducted extensive design and research to facilitate Kaci development.

Embrace the convenience of automation and stay informed with Kaci. For more information and updates, visit our website at www.kaci.help and connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, @KaciHelp.

Kaci Help is powered by FactCheck Initiative and developed by IDC Platforms. Myself (Adeoye Temitope) and the entire Kaci team are excited to bring this transformative technology to your fingertips, revolutionizing the way you navigate our fast-paced world. Your safety, well-being, and access to information are our top priorities.

FactCheck Initiative to launch an Automated Machine Learning Mobile App and Chatbot

FactCheck Initiative, a registered non-governmental development organisation has announced plans to launch a Mobile Application and WhatsApp Chatbot – Kaci Help; using automated machine learning technology to help with real-time updates, confirm doubts, report problems, fight climate change, and request specific services such as emergency assistance, ambulance service, and more.

The Country Director of FactCheck Initiative, Adeoye Temitope, in a statement on Monday in Abuja, said that “emergencies are never anticipated, having to be in a tight spot especially a life and death situation can leave one overwhelmed and confused as to the next step to take to get the desired help.”

“With one click of the button we are enabling an option for anyone to request for help and a go-to in emergency cases for easy tracking, alerting dependants and help services. Travelers can check-in with their travel details, Kaci will then keep tabs to ensure the user gets to their destination safely.” Said Temitope.

“Climate change is having an impact on the social and environmental determinants of health, such as clean air, safe drinking water, enough food, and safe shelter. Kaci Help will be providing individuals and businesses with a simple and effective way to make a significant contribution to the fight against climate change.” Temitope Stated.

“It will guide our users through the process of changing their habits by providing a list of quick steps they can take right away to reduce their CO2 emissions, and then calculate the amount of CO2 produced by each action to ultimately help fight climate change.” Also stated by Temitope.

The society is rife with many false, misleading and inaccurate news, stories and articles usually because people who propagate this information are more interested in creating a buzz than in passing across the true story. Very low access to government activities, information, participation in decision making and access to justice.

Asides the several other benefits added like iReports, Filing Petitions or Complaints; Kaci Help is built out of the desire to provide all categories of authentic and accurate information; this is the foundation upon which it stands upon. Kaci will help to bridge the gap between the government and its citizens; allowing our users to easily resolve issues by linking or granting them access to the right agencies.

In Partnership with FactCheck Initiative, IDC Platforms designed the Kaci Help Mobile App and WhatsApp Chatbot. IDC is a Nigerian multipurpose corporation headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria. IDC began officially operating in 2010, and in a short period of time, it has created platforms with various products and delivered various types of solutions.

FCI to partner with other agencies to combat Fake News and Misinformation ahead of the 2023 General Elections

The circulation of fake news and false propaganda has been on the rise especially as the world has become smaller due to cutting-edge technology that has brought social media platforms to the fingertips of the average person. As the Nigeria elections draws nearer, false information, unverified news and misinformation are some of the tools some mischievous persons may try to use to cause unrest and chaos in the country.


However, FactCheck Initiative (FCI) has been rightly positioned to contribute its quota; by creating a team for a cause that will involve partnering with government and other agencies in other to have a free, fair and peaceful elections void of any form of violence in 2023.


The main aim of this cause will be to spot, examine and respond to the impact caused by any misleading information ahead of the upcoming 2023 general elections in Nigeria.


“Complementing the efforts of government and other institutions in achieving a state of total spread of authentic information is one of our main aims and objectives” said Adeoye Temitope (Country Director, FactCheck Initiative).


According to Temitope, “this cause will help to defend Nigeria’s open and democratic society and free opinions by selecting, analysing and tackling inappropriate influences and other misleading information directed at the general elections in 2023. It will swiftly determine any unsavoury information or news rapidly spreading and nip it in the bud as quick as possible.


“We are also open to as many partnerships and support we can get; so, organizations/individuals in and outside Nigeria can reach out to us to join the cause”.


“The team will be tasked with identifying and countering foreign propaganda and disinformation; also observing social media closely before the general elections in 2023 to identify countries who may have taken an interest in seeing the elections take an unpleasant turn which Nigerians may not be favourable disposed towards”.


Fact-checking is highly effective in fighting misinformation: It is imperative to not just consider the narratives of “facts” and “fake news” but embolden fact checking position by considering human nature, our interactions and inter-relatedness. Fact-checking is a form of critical, investigative inquiry.

We must make it our daily duty to push towards the truth as we live in a world where fame can happen overnight and it is therefore important to ground oneself in knowledge and the pursuit of knowledge. In the same vein, false statements can just as easily become viral as true ones and where untrue beliefs seem to go unchecked, it’s pretty easy to become discouraged about the truth and the pursuit of it.


News bodies reporting rumors and unverified claims tend to do so in ways that bias the reader toward thinking the claim is true. A claim makes its way to social media or elsewhere online.


A couple of other news sites choose to repeat it without verifying the source. Some even employ sensational headlines that present the claim to be true to encourage sharing and clicks, while others use hedging language such as “reportedly”. Once given a stamp of credibility by the press, the claim is now positioned for other news sites to follow-on and repeat it, pointing back to the earlier sites. Eventually its point of origin is obscured by a mass of interlined news articles, few of which add reporting or context for the reader.

Help Nigeria Students to distinguish between Fake and Authentic News

In a season when untrue news is gradually influencing the outcome of activities and inciting violence all over the world, there is a dire need to expunge the internet of false news, rumors, unverified information and misinformation. This is where FactCheck Initiative (FCI) comes in; keeping in check and overriding the menace of fake news and misinformation which has proven to be an arduous obstacle to news coverage and the general public.

In 2019, our research team at FCI submitted findings indicating that young people were unable to correctly evaluate information they found online. It was discovered that well above seventy percent (70%) of middle-school students could not determine a paid story tagged as “sponsored post” from an authentic news article.

It is therefore for this reason we have taken it upon ourselves to facilitate an intensive fact-checking training workshop for students from various schools who will be taught standard fact-checking methodologies to be integrated with best-practice lessons coupled with techniques obtained through interviews granted by ethical professionals in the industry. It will also include animated discussions bordering on accuracy, responsibility, and bias in news coverage with lessons on exposing verifiable sources in fact-checking, debunking viral misinformation, and deciding if a statement can be verified.

The aim of this workshop will be to highlight journalistic and research fact-checking endeavours all over the globe. Fact-checking journalists who face challenges posed by misleading rhetoric from bloggers, politicians and government officials and the misuse of social media platforms as launching pads for viral misinformation will have their best practices developed, tested and demonstrated.

Major areas of focus include:


* How current is the information?

* When was the information posted?

* Has it been updated?


* How reliable is the information?

* Are there references or sources provided by the author?

* What proofs indicate that the information is reliable?


* Who is the creator or author of the information? What are their credentials?

* Who published and sponsored the information? Is this a reputable source of information?


*What is the purpose of this information? Is it intended to inform, entertain, persuade or disuade?

*Does the information sound like a fact or opinion? Any bias detected?

* Is the creator or author attempting to sell you something?


You can visit here to donate. Thank you.

Online sensitisation soon to commence

At FactCheck Initiative, our desire to educate as many people as possible of the demerits of spreading wrong information and seeking to check any fact being propagated.

It is for this reason, that FactCheck Initiative is about to kick start an online training and workshops that will span a couple weeks to enlighten the general populace on fact-checking.

Visual and audio training materials will be released to aid the user in grasping the concepts that will be dished out easily.

Facilitators will also be online 24/7 to respond to questions, observations and inquiries that may arise as a result of the many training sessions that will be had.

Donation section added to website

Yes! We have done it again. The FactCheck Initiative website just added a new widget to its growing list of capabilities.

We have included a Donation section which will  enable our users make contributions to the growth of FactCheck Initiative from anywhere in the world.

All it requires is certain bank details at your discretion and just like that you’d have assisted in the eradication of misinformation, ensured that public office holders are made to give due account of their achievements in office and many more activities for which donations made to our organisation will be used for.

Fakenews Africa set to be launched!

In 2020, an offshoot of FactCheck Initiative is set to be unveiled at the maiden edition of Fact Summit, #FS. FS seeks to organise series of events and seminars that will concentrate on issues regarding the use of information, verifying sources of income tax amongst others.

Next year’s event will also include the launch of the Fake News Africa platform which will be showcased for the world to see. This platform will allow news to be verified instantly and if discarded immediately if discovered as such.

Rebranded FactCheck Initiative website

FactCheck Initiative, a non-governmental organisation founded to provide verified solutions to anything bordering on information that is peddled in the world has unveiled a new platform where you can easily keep up with our activities.

This is the FactCheck Initiative website which is sure to keep users and site visitors spell-bound as they have a seamless experience while using the redesigned website.

Questions asked via the platform will be answered almost immediately and inquiries can be made 24/7. Details of our upcoming events as well as our sponsors will be made accessible via this platform.

Our partners are also displayed and information from you will be required if you’d also like to partner with us.