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Today we are the managers of an overabundance of information and content, discovered, verified and delivered in partnership with active communities. The abundance of content, from disparate sources spread all over the world, makes the application of verification more essential than ever before. Social media content is also increasingly important in humanitarian, legal, public safety and human rights work.

Our verification process requires an external assessment that evaluates the effective implementation of some standards. These standards have been developed to help readers discern good fact-checking from bad.

We provide independent researchers with a privacy-protected data set that will help them study the effects of misinformation on social media. This research may help us better measure volumes of false news and our progress against it over time.

Regardless of their goals and role, more and more people are working to verify a tweet, video, photograph, or online claim. Knowing whether something is true or false, or is what it claims to be, enables a range of work and actions.

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