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FactCheck Initiative to launch an Automated Machine Learning Mobile App and Chatbot

Kaci helps to get the right information, access government agencies, fight climate change and is a go-to in emergency cases for easy tracking and sending alerts.

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FCI to partner with other agencies to combat Fake News and Misinformation ahead of the 2023 General Elections

The main aim of this cause will be to spot, examine and respond to the impact caused by any misleading information ahead of the upcoming 2023 general elections in Nigeria.

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Help Nigeria Students to distinguish between Fake and Authentic News

In a season when untrue news is gradually influencing the outcome of activities and inciting violence all over the world, there is a dire need to expunge the internet of false news, rumors, unverified information and misinformation. This is where FactCheck Initiative (FCI) comes in; keeping in check and overriding the menace of fake news […]

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Online sensitisation soon to commence

At FactCheck Initiative, our desire to educate as many people as possible of the demerits of spreading wrong information and seeking to check any fact being propagated.

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Donation section added to website

Yes! We have done it again. The FactCheck Initiative website just added a new widget to its growing list of capabilities.

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Fakenews Africa set to be launched!

In 2020, an offshoot of FactCheck Initiative is set to be unveiled at the maiden edition of Fact Summit.

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Rebranded FactCheck Initiative website

FactCheck Initiative has unveiled a new platform where you can easily keep up with our activities.

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