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The peddling of wrong information has reached an all-time high across many nations in our world of today. Churning out unverified statistics and analysis has become the order of the day which has led to difficulty in obtaining verified and well-ascertained details of realities and happenings across various sectors in different countries. It is therefore for this simple reason that Fact Summit was born.


Fact Summit is dedicated to discuss and sensitize people about realty, happenings and how they affect the economy.


Fact Summit will focus on the sensitization of all and sundry on how to identify false and misleading stories pertaining to sectors such as Agriculture, Mining, Oil, Power and Energy, Economy, Religion, Entertainment, Science, Politics, Education, Security and many others. They will also be armed with the necessary tools for validating and confirming stories or news that filter to the air waves as regards the aforementioned sectors.


At Fact Summit, our vision is to create a peaceful and harmonious environment void of any inter-tribal wars or crises that could arise from the spread of unchecked and unverified information amidst persons.


We seek to:

– Empower a generation that will seek to ask ‘why’, ‘how’, ‘when’ for every information they come across.


– Portray an image depicting the true picture of the state of affairs of a country to the outside world to encourage FDIs that will gradually build the economy of that country to an enviable height.


– Improve the accountability record of every political office-holder in any country by duly recording their achievements in office which will encourage them to render better services and manage public funds for the betterment of their country’s economy.

Our Mission

Our mission alongside other reputable and global brands at Fact Summit therefore is to:


– Organize events to sensitize the general public across the different states in Nigeria and across the continent of Africa on the danger and effects of spreading unverified information.


– Employ monitoring, reporting and fact-finding mechanisms to reduce to zero the spread and adverse effects of misinformation and outlandish stories regarding various sectors across different countries.


– Deploy innovative and technological solutions for verifying the validity of statistics, data and analytics regarding all sectors.


– Make it easy for anyone to easily access verified and confirmed news articles, information, celebrity news, statistics across all social, media and online platforms.

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